My 12 years of experience in leadership development and organizational consulting has taught me is that a strong team doesn’t just happen. A great team is built, with the oversight of an intentional leader who understands the nuances of personality, culture, communication styles and motivation.

No organization is the same. The challenges it faces are unique, and so are the strategies needed for success. Often, a fresh eye is the best resource to create the plans needed to take the organization to the next level.

That’s why I help CEOs and executives from organizations of all sizes create effective strategies and interventions to enhance team effectiveness and build a high performing culture.

I am an experienced leadership & organizational development expert who brings teams to new levels of awareness, cohesion and performance. I create custom-designed programs across the areas of leadership development, team development, and meeting facilitation.

I specialize in three areas: Leadership Development, Team Development and Meeting Facilitation. Together, I can work with you and your team to create a package that works for you:


Let's discuss how I can best serve the needs of your organization.