I believe that you are naturally creative and resourceful.

And that you can achieve what you want.   

Yes, really.

I also believe that sometimes resistance and fear hold us back AND often take us farther away from the things we desire in our lives. You may have the best intentions, an incredible education, the most supportive environment, and yet...not follow through.

Why does that happen, even to the most organized and ambitious of us? Often it boils down to lack of clarity around the abundant choices you have and mitigating the fear around each of those choices. Resistance is just fear dressed up for a night on the town, keeping you out and about, away from actualizing what you want in your life.

You can overcome the resistance with the right support. Working with a coach can be a way to achieve alignment in your career, relationships, and life--and get you over that hump. I’m here to guide you through a process of support, encouragement, affirmation to move from a from lack of clarity to full confidence in your choices.

Today, I ask you to outsmart the resistance you are feeling.

Don’t let resistance make your choices. Make the choice to invest in yourself.

Who I Work With

I work with ambitious people who have a vision for the next level of their lives, yet feel the tug of fear holding them back.

They are hand raisers. They are self-selected go-getters at work, in their homes and families, and in their communities. On paper, my clients’ status quo is pretty darn good. They don’t need me.

But, because they have a growth mindset and are always expanding, they are navigating more ways to be themselves authentically in the world, achieve their goals, and contribute meaningfully. They have big visions, and sometimes, they feel resistance holding them back. When that voice of sabotage pops into their head, they know they need help. That’s where I step in.

I take who I work with seriously, and I’ve noticed two particular mindsets that my successful clients have:

They know they are ready for the next part of their lives, and are willing to put the effort. Sure, we all want greatness and alignment in our lives. But these people are ready to release what isn’t working to make room for the greatness that could be.

They feel resistance, and choose to push through it. That’s why I’m here-- because sometimes the discomfort and resistance can weigh heavy on us. That’s ok. But eventually, my clients push through and step into the unknown.

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My Coaching Philosophy & Model

My coaching model is based on the belief that your relationships, work and self are not separate but different expressions of the way you belong to the world. I believe you hold the capacity to make empowered choices that honor our true selves.

Through an intentionally designed program and tailored relationship, we explore your goals, values and strengths and recognize how you get in your own way by identifying your limiting beliefs. As a coach, I listen for the story behind the story, champion you when you doubt yourself, challenge you when you play small, and create structures to keep you accountable so you can achieve significant results in all areas of your life.

I view our relationship as one between equals: you set the goals and chart the direction of where you want to go, and I bring my expertise as a professional coach to create the process and space to help you get there.

My Process

Coaching starts with a brief conversation to ensure that working together is the right fit for both parties.

An individual coaching program typically lasts between 3 and 6 months, depending on your focus and what you are working towards. Typically, a coaching package includes:

  • Chloe & Co Individualized Welcome Packet: Including exercises and questionnaires to kick start the coaching process.

  • Immersion Sessions: The first two sessions (month 1) lay the foundation for our coaching. We work together to define your goals and design the optimal way to work together to achieve these goals. We employ exercises to clarify your values and inner resources you can access when encountering obstacles. Trust me, they come in handy during times of rapid change!

  • Two (2) coaching sessions a month: Each session is 45 minutes, either by phone, Skype or our agreed-upon communication method. Following your Immersion Sessions, you decide the topic for each coaching session, I coach you on your chosen topic holding your overall goals for the coaching in mind. I utilize a toolkit of various techniques and resources to help you explore possibilities and gain clarity, including visualizations, questions, metaphors, intuition, body movement, creative art, exercises, and challenging requests.

  • Homework assignments: Change only happens when you act. Between each coaching session, you will receive specific practices and exercises to deepen your learning that will prompt action towards your goals.

  • Email support: You can email me up to twice a week to share your progress, report on the homework assignment, or share any insights or questions you gain between the sessions.

Interested? Sign up for a 30 minute complimentary coaching session.