Hi, I’m Chloe Tseung.

I transform lives and businesses through intentional coaching and organizational consulting.

It sounds like a lofty statement, but I believe that transformation is possible in your life or business with the right tools, strategies, and mindset.  That’s why I built Chloe & Co, my one-woman coaching and organizational consulting company.


You are probably here because there’s an issue in your life or business and you are seeking clarity, alignment and more productivity. Fantastic.

Through custom-built programs, I work with individuals and organizations to equip them with the tools they need to thrive. With 12 years as an organizational development practitioner, I’ve created programs and trained hundreds of people in leadership and team development. As a coach and Daring Way practitioner, I help individuals and groups achieve clarity on the issues blocking their action and help them access the inner resources to get to the next level of their lives.

I believe in becoming crystal clear on the root cause of the issues or roadblocks that are impeding your life or business success. Once clarity is achieved, plans can be put in place to incite behavior changes that lead to new results.

Let’s dig in and see what’s possible when you take the steps to thrive. I hope you stay a while, learn more about me and the coaching and organizational development programs I offer, and reach out to say hello.


10 Fun Facts About Me:

  • I lived in Florence, Italy for a month in college on a scholarship and backpacked solo throughout Western Europe. Gelato became a staple for dinner, with no shame.

  • For two and half years, I commuted between Wall Street and the Upper West Side to complete my Master's in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. The subway ride was well worth it.

  • One of my favorite flowers is white champaca. Its fragrance always take me back to my grandmother’s balcony in China.

  • I love building and being a part of community. You can often find me at Startingbloc retreats or hosting potluck dinners in my apartment with friends.

  • I live in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. You can find me walking through Verandah Place, where a row of dollhouse-like 19th-century Dutch-style homes stand, to my favorite cafe, Ted and Honey.

  • My most recent yoga achievement is my headstand! Practice makes perfect.

  • My happy place is the Ditch Plains beach in Montauk, where the sea is rough, raw and beautiful.

  • During my eight year stint at Deutsche Bank, I moved twice from Hong Kong to Singapore, and then to New York. I worked with people in more than 70 countries and across all continents.

  • I journal everyday in the app Day One. I love its sleek design.

  • I fell in love with San Antonio, Texas during my 5-day training for Brene Brown’s The Daring Way .

Professional Bio:

As a leadership coach, facilitator and an organizational psychologist, Chloe integrates mindfulness, deep listening and play to help people create a life that is meaningful to them.

In 2015, she launched Chloe & Co, a coaching and consulting company, working with individuals and organizations on leadership with a focus on authenticity, creativity, mindfulness and joy.

Chloe is a trained facilitator of The Daring Way™, a highly experiential methodology developed by Dr. Brene Brown to help people learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. Chloe mentors and facilitates programs for StartingBloc, a community of 2,000 entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and innovators working to create change.

Chloe started her career at Deutsche Bank, facilitating leadership development programs in the Asia Pacific and U.S. Following her decade-long career in finance, she worked at KPMG traveling across the U.S. consulting with clients in the private and public sectors on organizational change and culture.

Chloe hails from the coast of southeast China, and has since lived in Hong Kong and Singapore. She has her Masters from Columbia University in Organizational Psychology and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.